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Migration in Europe


Migration in Europe. Against the backdrop of a world where perspectives are changing rapidly and the transition from old to new certainties often looks like charting an itinerary through unknown territory, the issue of migration ranks high on many agendas. Quite a few of those who participate in debates about migration increasingly feel the need to move away from numbers, procedures, reception centres, border control and friction management in order to enable themselves to take a step back and out of the box in search for a fuller understanding of what is really happening and in search for a fresh look about what to do. A recent attempt to contribute to such a search is People Flow: Managing migration in a New European Commonwealth, a report written by Theo Veenkamp, Tom Bentley and Alessandra Buonfino and published beginning of May 2003 jointly by Demos and openDemocracy. The report turned out to be controversial and thought provoking from the start, igniting a thorough and rich digital debate on GLOBUS, Tilburg University?s multidisciplinary research institute for globalisation and sustainable development, founded by Ruud Lubbers in 1998, and acting as a platform for critical debate among researchers, policy makers and others, took the initiative to organise, together with Demos, where Tom Bentley is director, and the Netherlands Ministry of Justice, where Theo Veenkamp is head of strategy, an invitational conference with the purpose to explore further and scrutinize the comprehensive and unorthodox thought exercise which is developed in People Flow.


By GLOBUS Institute for Globalization and Sustainable Development, Netherlands.

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