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Standort UK? German DFI and employment


Standort UK? German DFI and employment " Germany is a significant investor in the UK, providing the second largest source of direct foreign investment (DFI) into the UK in terms of both stock and flow of such investments. This study investigates the quantitative and qualitative employment effects of German DFI into the UK in both home and host countries and sets out to answer questions as how important traditional and embeddedness factors as drivers of DFI into the UK are, whether German DFI create jobs in the UK, what types of jobs are associated with German DFI into the UK and whether German DFI lead to a loss of jobs and/or a loss of skilled jobs in Germany. The study concludes with an outline of policy implications. By Ulrich Hoppe, Frank McDonald, Heinz-Josef Tüselmann and David Williams for the Anglo-German Foundation UK


By Anglo-German Foundation , UK.

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