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Genome Diplomacy: Canada's Crucial Role


Genome Diplomacy: Canada's Crucial Role " The most recent developments in science and technology, in genomics and related biotechnology in particular, hold the promise of significantly improving the health of nations as well as their wealth. Unfortunately, their potential also gives rise to struggles to control them, and there is a real risk, warn the authors, of creating another technological divide that would benefit only the most developed countries. For both ethical and self-interested motives, Canada should take the lead to ensure developing countries also benefit from this scientific revolution. ?By continuing along the path set by visionary leaders of the past, Canada could well become the world?s premier genome diplomat,? they say. By building on its assets, and by linking its foreign policy to its domestic science and technology innovation agenda, Canada could position itself as a serious international player in genomics to help address global health inequities, while reinforcing its weakened role in world affairs and benefiting economically from a market of 6 billion consumers. By Abdallah S. Daar, Elizabeth Dowdeswell and Peter A. Singer for the Institute for Research on Public Policy.


By Institute for Research on Public Policy , Canada.

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