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Condition of Britain briefing 1: Raising a family debt


Condition of Britain briefing 1: Raising a family debt

This briefing paper – the first in a series to be published as part of IPPR’ s Condition of Britain programme – explores the pressures on Britain’s families, and reflects on recent attempts to craft a more supportive environment for them, and asks how they can be helped to thrive in an era of limited public budgets, uncertain growth and shifting pressures on family life. Many families in Britain are under strain as the cost of living rises and parents struggle to balance family time and work. While parents have primary responsibility for raising children, the state and wider society create the environment in which families are raised. We therefore need to ask how politics, institutions and policies need to change in response to the social pressures facing post-crash Britain: • What role should community institutions like children’s centres play in helping parents to overcome isolation and build relationships of support with one another? • Should family time be protected from the labour market by more generous paid leave? • Would it be better to spend scarce public resources on better childcare and parental leave, rather than maintaining or increasing the value of cash benefits for families? 


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