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Welfare & Social Security

Benefit Sanctions and Unemployment

Benefit Sanctions and Unemployment. This paper investigates the effectiveness of benefit sanctions in reducing unemployment duration. Data from the Swiss labor market allow researchers to make a distinction between the effect of a warning that a person is not complying with eligibility requirements and the effect of the actual enforcement of a benefit sanction. Rafael Lalive, Jan C. van Ours and Josef Zweimuller find that both warning and enforcement have a positive effect on the exit rate out of unemployment. "The Effect of Benefit Sanctions on the Duration of Unemployment"is published by theInstitute for Labour Studies.


By Institute for Labour Studies , Netherlands, Switzerland .

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Midlife Caregiving and Employment

Midlife Caregiving and Employment .Katharina Spiess and Ulrike Schneider find that starting or increasing informal caregiving is normally associated with a reduction in the number of hours worked per week. On the other side there does not appear a positive effect on hours worked for women terminating a caregiving spell or reducing care hours. This suggests that, among midlife women, reductions in work hours or exits from the labour force in order to provide care to family members are unlikely to be reversed after terminating care giving responsibilities. "Midlife Caregiving and Employment: An Analysis of Adjustments in Work Hours and Informal Care for Female Employees in Europe", is published by the ENEPRI .


By ENEPRI,Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, the UK, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Finland, and Sweden.

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Earned Income Tax Credit

Earned Income Tax Credit .In recent policy discussions in the Netherlands, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) has been put forward as an instrument to reduce the unemployment rate among low-skilled workers. This article discusses the economic impact of different forms of the EITC. The analysis reveals that moderately targeting the EITC to the unskilled makes the instrument more effective in reducing unemployment. "An Earned Income Tax Credit in the Netherlands: Simulations with the MIMIC model" by Floor van Oers, Ruud de Mooij, Johan Graafland and Jan Boone of the CPB - Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis.


By CPB - Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis.. , Netherlands .

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