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Meeting Complex Needs: the future of social care


Meeting Complex Needs: the future of social care There is a significant gap in services for people with complex needs. People with complex needs may have to deal with a number of different issues in their lives, for example a learning disability, mental health problems, or substance abuse. The may also be living in deprived circumstances and lack access to stable housing or meaningful daily activity. This book presents a strategy for reform to meet complex needs. Arguing for government to make stronger connections between social care and social inclusion, it calls for a new kind of delivery model for people with complex needs who live in deprived neighbourhoods. The authors explore how frontline reforms might be achieved through a reformed commissioning process, as well as a commitment to purposeful cultural change. Attention to the process of translating policy into practice should ensure that social care services meet complex needs more effectively in the future. By Jennifer Rankin and Will Paxton of Institute for Public Policy Research.


By Institute for Public Policy Research , UK .

Welfare and Social Security Policy Resource.