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Welfare & Social Security

Globalization and Tax Competition


Globalization and Tax Competition " Does globalization undermine the fiscal basis of the welfare state? The conventional wisdom believes so: open borders cause tax competition, which in turn leads to a race to the bottom in capital taxation. However, the data show that revenues from capital taxation are fairly stable in OECD countries. Some observers conclude from this that globalization does not pose much of a challenge to the welfare state. Philipp Genschel argues this conclusion is unwarranted because it overlooks that tax competition was not the only challenge facing welfare states during the 1980s and 1990s. There was also slow growth, rampant unemployment, and high levels of precommitted spending. "Globalization, Tax Competition, and the Fiscal Viability of the Welfare State" is published by the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies.


By Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies., Germany.

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Tomorrow?s Welfare State


Tomorrow?s Welfare State The second British?German Trade Union Forum - organised jointly by the Anglo-German Foundation and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation - brought together some 41 representatives of German and British trade unions to discuss the nature and scope of ?tomorrow?s welfare state?. The meeting was timely, as consensual assumptions that have governed social policy for many decades in both the UK and Germany are being vigorously challenged. The most influential and most powerful impetus for change is coming from the heart of the two centre-left governments that is asking fundamental questions about the nature and funding of the welfare state. The discussions and debates of the bilateral conference in Berlin are summarized in this conference report.? is published by Anglo- German Foundation.


By Anglo- German Foundation , Germany.

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Child Poverty in Britain and Germany


Child Poverty in Britain and Germany This report studies patterns and trends in child poverty in Britain and Germany. Unusually, it uses not only a cross-section approach (measuring who and how many are poor at any given time, and comparing these maps of poverty at different moments); but also longitudinal studies of individuals' poverty "careers", and the trigger events associated with entry into and exit from poverty. By Stephen Jenkins, Christian Schluter, Gert Wagner is published by the Anglo-German Foundation.


By Anglo-German Foundation , Germany, UK .

Welfare and Social Security Policy Resource.