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Evaluation of the National School Fruit Scheme


Evaluation of the National School Fruit Scheme

Increasing fruit and vegetable consumption is a national priority. A key feature of the Governments prevention strategy to reduce early deaths from cancer and coronary heart disease is action to improve diet and nutrition. This includes action to reduce fat, sugar and salt in the diet, and to increase fruit and vegetable consumption. The Government's national 5-a-day programme forms part of the strategy to raise awareness of the benefits of fruit and vegetable consumption. Current recommendations are that everyone should eat at least five portions of a variety fruit and vegetables each day, to reduce the risks of many chronic diseases. One aspect of the 5-a-day programme is the School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme (SFVS), which provides every child aged 4-6 in nursery and infant schools with a free piece of fruit each school day.


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