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The Future of Professionalised Work in Britain and Germany


The Future of Professionalised Work in Britain and Germany Since the early 1980s new specialisms, whose members aspire to professional status, have grown up to challenge existing professions in both the UK and Germany. Four reports demonstrate the impact of these new developments in two well established and two emerging professions ? the law and pharmacy, and psychology and business services. They show how the market for professional work and the content of the work itself, as well as the status and well-being of the professionals involved, have all been affected. The reports are derived from a larger study (published in 12/2003) which surveyed the four professionalised occupations in both Britain and Germany. The findings for each professional group are covered in the following four reports: * Human Resource Managers and Business Consultants * Solicitors and Advocates * Pharmacists * Counselling Psychologists and Psychotherapists By Christel Lane, Frank Wilkinson, Wolfgang Littek, Ulrich Heisig, Jude Browne, Brendan Burchell, Roy Mankelow, Margaret Potton and Roland Tutschner for the Anglo-German Foundation .


By Anglo-German Foundation ., UK and Germany..

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