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Fit for Purpose


Fit for Purpose . The current system of Incapacity Benefit insists on all-or-nothing divisions into work or inactivity, health or ill-health, lack of disability or disability. Such crude reductionism fails to reflect the reality of health problems, disability or work as they are experienced by claimants. ? Incapacity Benefit is failing its claimants on two fronts. It has become a barrier to work as many claimants fear that taking steps towards employment will place their benefits at risk. It also fails to provide a decent income for people who are unable to work because of long-term health problems or disability. Kate Stanley and Dominic Maxwell call for a new benefits framework to create solid foundations for the long term. They set out practical policies to support people with health problems or disability get back to work and deliver a decent standard of living for those who can?t work. By the Institute for Public Policy Research.


By Institute for Public Policy Research. , UK.

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