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The Future of Professionalised Work: UK and Germany Compared


The Future of Professionalised Work: UK and Germany Compared . During the last two decades the established professions in the UK and Germany have been challenged by a number of new developments which have given rise to new specialisations, whose members aspire to professional status. This report focuses on how these new developments in the well established legal and pharmacy professions and the emerging professions in psychology and business services have affected professionalised work and have brought about changes in the market, work, and status situation of professional workers, as well as in their well-being and the nature of service provision. Attention is focussed on both cross-national differences in these aspects of professionalised work and on divergences between professions within each society. By Christel Lane, Frank Wilkinson, Wolfgang Littek, Ulrich Heisig, Jude Browne, Brendan Burchell, Roy Mankelow, Margaret Potton and Roland Tutschner.


By Anglo-German Foundation, UK, Germany.

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