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Regulatory State


Regulatory State. One of the most notable features of the last two decades is the prominence given to regulation as a technique of governance and the rise of a 'new regulatory state' in Europe. There are many detailed analyses of regulation in the two countries, principally by economists and lawyers. There are, however, fewer studies by political scientists. This comparison of Britain and Germany provides a perspective on British developments; assesses the extent to which British reforms are influencing those in Germany; provides a comparison between the two capitalist 'models' - the Anglo-Saxon and the continental 'Rhineland' model; and assesses the extent of convergence and the persistence of divergence. "The Regulatory State: Britain and Germany Compared" by Roland Sturm, Stephen Wilks, Markus M. Müller and Ian Bartle is published by the Anglo-German Foundation.


By Anglo-German Foundation, UK, Germany.

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