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The Perfect Union? New Europe and the EU


The Perfect Union? New Europe and the EU. On May 1st ten new countries join the European Union...Only just over a decade ago, five suffered one-party Communist rule, and three were part of the Soviet Union. Now all are democracies, with open, largely free-market economies. With a foreword by Chris Patten, The Perfect Union? brings together seven distinguished international contributors to examine how the return of Europe?s heart will affect the EU. Will it mean more or less tax and regulation? Will it swing policy towards or away from the US and Russia? What will it mean for other would-be entrants, and for new buffer-states such as Ukraine and Belarus? What are its implications for the EU?s political complexion, and for the honesty and effectiveness of its institutions? Does it mean that the CAP will have to be radically reformed, or that we are stuck with it forever?


By Policy Exchange, UK

European Union Policy Resource.