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Integrity and Dignity. Is there a Difference?


Integrity and Dignity. Is there a Difference? " In 1992 the Swiss parliament approved an amendment to the Federal Constitution of Switzerland (article 24novies) which was later included as Article 120 in the revised version of the Constitution. The new version entered into force on January 1st, 2000. The article 120 is superscribed: ?Gene Technology in the Non-Human Field? and contains the following text: ? Persons and their environment shall be protected against abuse of gene technology. ? The Confederation shall legislate on the use of the reproductive and genetic material of animals, plants, and other organisms. In doing so, it shall take into account the dignity of creation and the security of man, animal and environment, and shall protect the genetic multiplicity of animal and vegetal species. Note that worldwide there is no other national constitution demanding that the ?dignity of creation? be taken into account when it comes to legally regulate our use of non-human life forms. Of course it is not immediately clear what it means exactly to take the dignity of creation into account, and in what way and to what extent taking it into account will restrict our usage of living beings which are not human... By Michael Hauskeller of Egenis.


By Egenis , UK.

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