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Welfare & Social Security

Participation Income

Participation Income .In this intriguing essay Carey Oppenheim outlines the philosophies guiding New Labour's approach to welfare reform in the UK. She then opens up the possibility of an alternative: participation income. Participation income would be a flat rate benefit paid to all those contributing to society: people working, carers, volunteers, retired people and those unable to work through disability. The end product would be a reform of the tax and benefit system to produce a type of basic income restricted to those participating in society. After briskly outlining the advantages, disadvantages and risks of such an approach she also raises the possibility of a couple of less ambitious alternatives such as extending the current UK tax credits system to include other activities such as caring is published by the Policy Network.


By Policy Network ,UK.

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Social Mobility

Social Mobility .Usually when measuring the level of inter- generational social mobility in a society researchers measure the social class status of the parents and their children. This paper uses a new way of measuring the social and human capabilities: a composite of education, recent work experience and occupational attainment. Preliminary results using this new technique can be found in "A New Measure of Social Position: Social Mobility and Human Capital in Britain" by Jonathan Gershuny is published by the Institute for Social and Economic Research.


By Institute for Social and Economic Research ,UK.

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Children and Social Exclusion


Children and Social Exclusion .This paper assesses whether it is possible to discuss social exclusion as it relates to children in the US. John Micklewright discusses various features of US society and institutions including the measurement of poverty, analysis of children?s living standards, state versus federal responsibilities, welfare reform and the emphasis on ?personal responsibility?. "Social Exclusion and Children: A European view for a US debate" is published by the UK-based Centre for the Analysis of Social Exclusion.


By Centre for the Analysis of Social Exclusion ,UK .

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Social Security Reform

Social Security Reform .In this study, Karl Borden and Charles Rounds offer a proposal for the regulatory and administrative structure of individual accounts. The core of their proposal is the private retirement account (PRA). "A Proposed Legal, Regulatory, and Operational Structure for an Investment-Based Social Security System", by Karl J. Borden and Charles F. Rounds Jr, is published by the Cato Institute.


By Cato Institute ,UK .

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